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Gabriella Mae

Gabriella Mae

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Hot High Class Melbourne Escort

COUPLES; Fire up your relationship!


The top 5 powerful ways a threesome can supercharge your relationship;


  1. Fulfils one of the most desired forbidden fantasies you've been dying to try
  1. Expands your sexual horizon's personally and as a couple
  1. Opens your relationship up to a new level of intimacy by bonding over a shared experience
  1. Decreases the temptation to cheat by having variety in a safe and mutually agreed upon way
  1. Teaches both of you new tricks to wow each other with and retain that sexual spark!


Warning; Don't book a threesome without first contacting me to discover my 3 top must know tips, and avoid the most common mistakes beginners make!


Text me on 0487 068 621, or email me on [email protected]


Miss Gabriella, XOXO 

sultry brunette escort in Melbourne

Have you ever had the pleasure of banging a smoking hot 19yr old girl?

 Well if you have, or have not. I’m 100% confident…

 You’ve never experienced anything like my ‘5 Little-Known Moves’... that can make any guy cum in a matter of minutes, in ways he’s never felt before.

 In fact, because I know punters are among some of the hottest and sexiest men I’ve encountered. I want to reveal a couple of them and give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a secluded room with me… by yourself:

 So what are the 5 secret ways I could make you cum within minutes?...

1.    My Seductive & Sinful Blowjobs: Most ‘average’ 19 year old girls give shallow and boring blowjobs, that can make it hard for a guy to cum.

My sinfully-sexy technique, allows me to give a breathtakingly deep blowjob and make sure I don’t miss a single inch with my wet and playful tongue. This lick n’ jerk motion will get you off in the blink of an eye… 

2.    My Firm, But Youthful Grip: The second I get my beautiful tits out, you’ll be harder than ever before. I’ll start to grope and play with your cock in ways you’ve never felt.

I’ll stroke and squeeze you firmly... using just the perfect amount of pressure, you’ll be left breathing heavily, stone hard and begging for more…

3.    My Round Perky Ass: Blessed by genetics, my tight firm ass will leave you empty within seconds. You’ll lose control of your hands, when I face my back to you and start pulling down my skin-tight dress.

It’s lucky that doggy style is one of my favorite positions, but you might not last very long, once you catch a glimpse of such a sexy and seducing view.

4.    My Off-Limits Lapdance: I may be young, but I’ve loved dancing for as long as I can remember. Which makes it the perfect addition to my bag of orgasm-inducing tricks.

First, I’d sit you down somewhere relaxing, comfortable and private. Using a sexy and playful stripdance, I would make you so hot and bothered we’d both have our shirts off within seconds...

Shoving my perky tits in your face, your cock would be rock hard and mine for the taking...

Using my young tight body against you, I’d lure you onto the nearest bed or couch so the real fun could begin…

5.    My Secret Organism Trigger: Fifth, finally and most importantly is my orgasm trigger technique that has NEVER failed to make any guy cum uncontrollably. My previous 4 ways, have been mere warm ups to prepare you for this mind blowing move…


‘Punter Planet’ has forcefully prevented me from pulling back the curtain and revealing my most pleasurable technique with you…

As I’ve been told It is “To graphic and inappropriate to be shown publicly on our website, thank you for your understanding”...

This was so upsetting because out of all my secrets this is the one I was most excited to share with you..

But don’t worry!

I’ve discovered a way to bend the rules and still reveal with you my dirty move that I’m positive would make you cum within minutes!

To find out exactly what the ‘Secret Orgasm Trigger’ is and avoid being left in the dark…

Simply, CLICK on my user profile NOW, or TEXT me on 0487068621 and contact me, letting me know you read this post!

Say... “I read your post”

And I’ll shortly reply, revealing it all to you.

Click my user profile or text me NOW!

Until we speak,

Gabriella xoxo

0487 068 621

[email protected]

Until we speak,

Gabriella xoxo 

Saturday, 23 June 2018 12:03

FIRST SYDNEY TOUR! 23rd - 25th June

I've brought my young, hot, little arse to Sydney! 

I want to meet you, I am offering incalls in Pyrmont, come and check me out, and let's play

Hot brunette escort in Sydney

Little Miss Queen of Naughtiness!

Gabriella XO


[email protected]

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