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Piper Jackson in Sydney until April 12th

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Visiting Sydney until April 12th. I'm keeping a very close eye on whats happening with each State/Territory though so please be patient. I can best be reached via SMS or WhatsApp (+61478111845) or email ([email protected]) if you'd like to make any enquiries! I will mostly be active on my Twitter profile @PiperJackson_xx

Escort Piper Jackson in Sydney until April 12th

Upcoming tours

Sydney: 5th April - 12th April

Canberra: 13th April - 17th April

Adelaide: 19th April - 24th April

Brisbane: 26th April - 3rd May

Gold Coast: 4th May - 8th May

Perth: 10th May - 15th May

Sydney: 17th May - 28th May

Adelaide: 31st May - 5th June

Brisbane: June 7th 2021- June 14th 2021

Gold Coast: June 15th 2021- June 19th 2021

Canberra: June 22nd 2021- June 26th 2021

Sydney: June 28th 2021- July 3rd 2021

Perth: July 5th 2021- July 10th 2021

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