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Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee

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Jessie Lee, availability Melbourne Escorts

This announcement will contain a change in availability (which I will explain) & my next availability in Melbourne. 

Hi guys  :)

So my work break is coming to an end on the 14th Feb which is next Wednesday (I did a great job of staying off social media right :blush:  not really lol)

My next availability in Melbourne is on the 19th of February and I have limited availability up till the 24th Feb. Just send a quick email to [email protected] if you would like to enquire if I'm available to see you at a specific a date/time.

After the 24th of February, I will be going on another work break with an unconfirmed start back date, as there's a fairly serious personal issue I need to deal with. There's a small chance that I may have all I need sorted by the 24th of Feb, but this is highly unlikely. 

As a guestimate I'd say around mid March - late March I will be on top of this matter that needs 100% of my focus and attention for a relatively short time. 

If we have a booking locked in with deposit beyond the 24th Feb, after March etc, never fear, we are definitely still on  :wub: 

​I won't be taking pre-bookings for March at this current time, but April I am open to scheduling a date. 
It's hard for me to predict the future, but I'm trying my best lol, and I'd say my estimates are fair. 

A little off topic, but in regards to touring, I don't have any plans to tour at the moment, and don't think it would be possible until May/18 earliest, but mid year or after realistically. 

All is well and I am ok, excited for tomorrow night  :D
If you're a close client, you likely know what I'm referring to, or if you follow my twitter very closely you might have caught parts of what's going on in tweets that I really shouldn't have tweeted.. but, oh well. 

​Let's hope there's a twist of fate & it's all sorted by Tuesday  :)

Keep well guys,

Jessie Lee Pierce xoxo

Tuesday, 06 February 2018 19:48

Jessie Lee Pierce in Underbelly Chopper!

Melbourne escort Jessie Lee in Underbelly Chopper

The time has come :o

Last August, I was lucky enough to spend a day on the set of Underbelly Chopper, playing the role of a stripper in the 90’s stripclub scenes!

With an early morning set call of 5:45am and finish time of 8pm we filmed 14 scenes :ph34r:
I was only in a g-string in all of them ^_^ hence we aren’t in much of the ads :lol:

I’m yet to see any of the footage, I’ve only seen the ads like everyone else so I’m both excited & nervous!

It was a fantastic day & a unique experience that I’m increadinly greatful for and I made a few new friends to top it all off.
I’ve mentioned on twitter, that it was all thanks to Tash Cameron tagging me in a Facebook post at 6pm one evening and off I went to the audition at 11am the next day.
Hopefully it’s the first of many more amazing experiences, but I guess that’s up to me and also to the hands of fate, so we shall see :)

I hope you tune in, it will be an interesting tale, it’s the events that happened from Choppers point of view I believe, so should be interesting indeed.

Underbelly Files: Chopper Telemovie
Sunday 11th Feb 8:40pm & Monday 12th Feb 9pm


Jessie Lee Pierce will Make you a Pornstar! | Punter Planet
Hi Guys,
I'm excited to share the details of a new booking package I will be offering you guys based on what you've asked for!
The outline is all here on the video below, but I will provide more details with the booking options in the next few weeks!
I look forward to making you a Pornstar!
I hope you're having a great week guys!
Jessie xoxoxo
Tuesday, 02 January 2018 13:29

@JessieMelb Locked by Twitter

Jessie Wild and Naughty Melbourne Escort | Punter Planet
Hi guys,

Just a little heads up my twitter account www.twitter.com/JessieMelb has been locked for the next 7 hours.
If you caught my NYE #mission20k it's related to that, but I hit goal and that's all that matters :-)
In the mean time I don't have access to any DM's or the account at all other than viewing from another page.
I do have another account www.twitter.com/jessieleepierce might be a good idea to follow in case twitter gets rid of @JessieMelb altogether one day. I don't post or retweet from @jessieleepierce and made the account due to @JessieMelb being shadow banned and incase people directly searched for @jessieleepierce but it seems to have come in handy.
I am on break now until 14th February, but have a few things online to attend to before I disappear for a few weeks.
I hope you all had an amazing holiday season!
May 2018 bring you all your wildest dreams,
Jessie xoxox

Jessie Plump Curves Sydney Escorts | Punter Planet


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year ️

I hope 2017 has been fantastic for you ️

I return in the new year, on the day of lovers, February 14th 2018 ️

For the week dating 14th February until the 21st February 2018 I have some special date packages available, which are a mix of social & intimate time ️

I thought this would be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with you

3 hour package ️
2 hours social + 1 hour Intimate time $1200

4 hour package ️
2 hours social + 2 hours intimate time $1600

6 hour package ️
3 hours social + 3 hours intimate time $2000

Add additional social hours to any of the above for $200
Add additional intimate hours to any of the above (please email [email protected] for a quote) ️

2018 will be an amazing year - because we will make it amazing!

I look forward to spending time with you on the other side of 2017 ️

Jessie Lee Pierce

Jessie & Tash Live Show Lesbian Action Escorts | Punter Planet

Hi guys,

We have decided to change the live Skype of the show to a recorded copy that you can watch at your lesure and have a copy to keep.

The recorded copy cost is the same as the live, $49.95 to preorder your copy please email [email protected]

For those of you who would like to join us this Saturday, the last opportunity for you to arrange to join us will be tomorrow.

We are so excited for this Saturday!

Jessie and Tash xoxo

Jessie Naughty Busty Melbourne Escort | Punter Planet
Hi guys, 
Over the next few days I'll be taking pre-bookings for the week beginning on the 25th Dec till the 31st Dec.
After the 31st December I'll be on break until the 14th February - the day for lovers :-)
i'll be announcing a special Valentines day package that will be on offer for the week between the 14th February till the 21st February. 
I know not many people are thinking about Valentines day, with xmas and New Years right in our face, but it will be here before you know it. 
From the 1st January till the 13th February, I'll be on complete break, no twitter ( I will have many pre-scheduled tweets pop up) phone will be off, and emails read at a later date. So it will be best to prebook for Feb before my break.
I have had mini breaks as I've gone along, but this will be the first total break in about a year and a half and I think it's really important for me, to refresh, reflect, recharge because I have giant plans for the year that will be 2018, absolutely humongous, like world domination huge (lol) I don't do things in halves, and I'm excited :-)
I will miss everyone - but I'll look forward to catching up on my return :-)
If I won't be seeing you before Christmas or New years, then I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe a happy festive season and I hope that you've had an amazing 2017 and that 2018 is even better!
All my love,
PS: We have a small amount of places left for JT LIVE for Saturday the 23rd December, ticket sales close on Wednesday, to get yours if you haven't already email [email protected] and check out jessieleepierce.com/jt-live

Jessie Naughty Double Deal Sydney Escort | Punter Planet

Hi guys :)

I’ll be on break from Jan 1st until February the 14th 2018.
If you would like to spend some time with me in 2017 before then please get in touch this week as I’m now scheduling the final appointments before my break.

If you would like to experience a double with myself & Tash before she’s on a year long break now is also the time to schedule

Email [email protected] for bookings
If you would like to join myself and Tash for our xxxmas party on the 23rd of December check out jessieleepierce.com/jt-live for details

Jessie :wub:

Jessie Dreamy Steamy Melbourne Escort | Punter Planet

Hi guys,

I made a youtube video on www.youtube.com/c/jessieleepierce to further explain JT LIVE,  a live show with myself & Tash Cameron.

You can view the video here:

Pricing & package information can be found here:


But if you have any further questions just send an email to [email protected] which is also the method to use for ticket purchase.

It's going to be a great night!

We hope to see you there!


Wednesday, 06 December 2017 15:58

Jessie on break 1st January - 13th February 2018

Jessie Break Melbourne PSE Escort | Punter Planet

Hi guys

Just a bit of advanced notice about a break I’ll be
on from Jan 1st till 13th February.

I’m looking forward to seeing you either before the 1st Jan or after the 13th Feb

Jessie xoxoxo

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