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Piper's Dates Up To July 10th

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Piper's Dates Up To July 10th

Hello there everyone!! I've published my visit dates to the cities I'm coming to explore for April to July 2021. Please stop by and have a look to see if there's an opportunity to meet! Have a lovely week! Kind regards,

Piper Jackson
[email protected]

Sydney April 5th 2021 April 12th 2021
Canberra April 13th 2021 April 17th 2021
Adelaide April 19th 2021 April 24th 2021
Brisbane April 26th 2021 May 3rd 2021
Gold Coast May 4th 2021 May 8th 2021
Perth May 10th 2021 May 15th 2021
Sydney May 17th 2021 May 28th 2021
Adelaide May 31st 2021 June 5th 2021
Brisbane June 7th 2021 June 14th 2021
Gold Coast June 15th 2021 June 19th 2021
Canberra June 22nd 2021 June 26th 2021
Sydney June 28th 2021 July 3rd 2021
Perth July 5th 2021 July 10th 202

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