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Happy Sunday everyone.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

On Feb 1st I go on my first study break until the 13th of February and will be available until the 19th of Feb.

From the 19th I go back on break until early March. I will announce an exact date mid Feb.

Due to only being available for a week between the 13-19th during the month of Feb I am running a promo of 10% off bookings for that week.

My next study period commences on the 1st of March and I have enrolled in full time and a half worth of study load so my availability will be somewhat limited for the next few months but I will make sure I have sometime each week (even if it's only a day or two) to see some fav babes.

For those interested, I've enrolled in Nutrition, Energy and the Earths Environment and an elective of Exploring Painting which is an elective I've chosen. I calculated I should finish up this degree next year at some point if I study hard and all goes to plan, hence the motivation to do time and a half. I'll need to be very organised with managing my time!
I'm very excited as it's coming close to the time I can look at applying for my Dream course of studying Medicine (MBBS) which will be the next stage of my life.

By March i will also have a new website which I'm really excited and I hope you will enjoy it!!

I hope to see you soon!!!

Much love,


SWA 9656XE





Hello All,

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer!!

Just a little update on availability, my current promo, new website & my new YouTube video.

On the 1st of Feb I’m going on a little break mainly to attend to study commitments. I will be available between the 13th – the 19th of Feb. After the 19th I will be going on another little break till early March and I’ll be fresh and back and on the other side of my exams! I’ll also be ready to start planning some tours of the year.

Since my availability is limited to a week during Feb, I’m running a promo for bookings in that time. Please take note, that for new clients I do require a small deposit for a first meet.

For bookings between the 13th Feb – 19th Feb I’m offering 10% off all bookings 2 hours or longer, including social rates.

Speaking of Jessie benefits, when I relaunch my website (which will be up next month) I will have a platinum member section for the clients that I see regularly. I put my mind hard to work on how I could give back and have come up with a brilliant idea. Here you will find exclusive rates and offers visible only to those with a password.

If you would like to see me before I go on break, please get in touch this week to arrange for next Monday or Tuesday.

I will be receiving my new pictures from Richard Arthur next Monday, make sure you keep an eye out for those as they are hot hot hot!!!

You can check out my new YouTube video here https://www.youtube....h?v=DupbGFia3_0
I hope you like it! You can also ask me an anonymous question on my Tumblr here https://jessieleepierce.tumblr.com/

I will schedule some tweets to appear on twitter during my break and may post occasionally if something exciting happens, but I will mostly be offline. There’s a HD with my name on it if I chase it hard enough ;-)

Take care and much love,

Jessie xoxox

SWA 9656XE


Thursday, 19 January 2017 14:16

New YouTube vid & Jessie update

Written by

Jessie Lee Pierce

Hi guys,

​I've uploaded a new YouTube video, I hope you enjoy it :-)

​You can also ask me a question or suggest a topic anonymously through m y tumblr which I may answer in a next video :-)


I have some availability in Melbourne next week, so if you would like to catch up please get in touch :-)

​I also have another promo going between the dates of the 11th of Feb - 19th Feb which will be the only time I'll be available for a month due to study commitments.

​I will resend the details out tonight.

​Today I'm going to be hitting the books hard, I hope that your day is going well and that you have a little less reading to do than me!!

Jessie xoxoxo

SWA 9656XE





Monday, 16 January 2017 18:35

Jessie's Study Break! Promo 11th - 19th Feb

Written by


It’s Jessie Promo time again!

I’m available in Melbourne until the 1st of Feb, then I will be unavailable due to study commitments for the majority of Feb bar roughly a week between the dates of the 11th -  19th of Feb.

After the 19th I will be unavailable until I can take bookings again and get back into the swing of things on the 5th of March.

I decided to run a promo for dates between the 11th-19th Feb.

Since I will be studying so hard with my head in a book for hours and hours I feel like this will really benefit me as well with some human connection, exciting dates and some damn good sex!

2 Hours: Usually $1000 – Promo $950
3 Hours: Usually $1400 – Promo $1300
4 Hours: Usually $2000 – Promo $1700
Book a 4hr dinner/lunch date ($1300)  get an extra hour together
Book 12 hours daytime (Available upon application) Usually $2900 – Promo $2600
Overnight (Available upon application) Usually $3,600 – Promo $3,100
24 hours $4000 (Available upon application)  Usually $5000 – Promo $4,000

If you are interstate email me at [email protected] and perhaps we can arrange for you to jump on for my next tour.

All I need is a deposit paid by the 1st of Feb J

Some people asked if I will be available online in this time. I’m easily distracted so my work phone will be off, but I will check emails and respond to booking enquiries. I will also schedule a few selfies to pop up on twitter every now and again.

While I have your attention, my tour schedule will be something like

Perth late March
Brisbane April
Canberra Early May?
Followed by Hobart
I’ve also been receiving many requests to visit Sydney so I may add this in here (no promises though!)

I hope you guys love this promo as much as the last, and take advantage of it to meet if we haven’t and to catch up again if we have

I hope the info is clear guys, if it’s confusing just send me an email and I hope it’s of benefit to you and that we will be meeting for a little rendezvous soon!

Much love,

Jessie xoxox

PS: Availability between these dates is limited as I have a few appointments already set, and since it's a week and not a month like last time :-)

SWA 9656XE


Tuesday, 10 January 2017 22:31

Jessie's #Melbourne availability next week

Written by

Hello gentlemen of Melbourne,
I ran a twitter poll a little while ago on whether or not it is useful to post weekly availability. 

The answer was a strong yes, so here are my availabilities for next week. (So useful and insightful those twitter polls!)
I have limited availability for Wednesday 18th Jan &  Friday 20th Jan.
I hope these dates work for you, please get in touch to schedule a date and I hope that we can meet soon! 
PS: Keep your eye out for a promo that I'm going to run in February, details will be out today :-)
Jessie xoxox

SWA 9656XE






Good Morning All,

Just a little Jessie update,

I'm at capacity of appointments next week especially when you add it to a busy study schedule. 

My next availabilities are in the week beginning on the 16th of January, so please get in touch if you would like to arrange an appointment for then.

Also keep an eye out for my new photoset which will be popping up soon, you can also check it out on my twitter account https://twitter.com/JessieMelb

I also now am an official partner with YouTube after some initial problems due to linking my escort website, so I'm very happy indeed!!

You can check it out here https://www.youtube....unwhhOSMhp74-HA

One main reason I made the channel is so that potential clients could see me in motion and get a feel for my personality, so I do hope you enjoy it and I will have a new video out mid next week.

Till then, I'm going to be MIA, busy start to the year. Please bare with me if I am a little delayed responding to an email or message as my plate is a little full at the moment.

I hope you're looking forward to the weekend and have something exciting or relaxing planned!!!

Much love,

Jessie xxx

SWA 9656XE



Wednesday, 04 January 2017 12:59

February Limited Availability - Study Commitments

Written by
Happy New Year Everyone!!!
We've made it to 2017!!! I hope you're off to a good start!!!
I like to be organised personally & appreciate the fact that you may like to be as well! 
So I'm making this announcement for a little heads up.
In February I will be available between the dates of (including) 
******Sunday the 12th of February till Sunday the 26th of February******
This is due to study commitments
On the 26th I will take a further week or two off and will have my head firmly stuck in a textbook, studying hard for those top grades! I will make another post about that in late Feb.
On this note it looks like my touring won't kick off until late March/April so i will be in Melbourne until that point. 
I hope fellow Melbournians get a chance to get into the beautiful sunshine we are having today!!
On a different note, look out for my new photoset that should be arriving this week sometime :-)
Much love,
Jessie xoxoxox
SWA 9656XE





Well, well, well...

Here we are at the end of 2016!!! It has been an amazing year!!!

Today will be the last day to get in on my January Promo. It's been incredibly successful and I'm pleased to say I'm almost at maximum capacity of bookings for January. If you email [email protected] today, I'll get you in ;-)

Incase you missed it the promo is 15% off bookings made with deposit in December for January.

In the month of February, I will be taking two weeks off due to lab classes and exams these dates will be

Unavailable between the 6th of February until the 11th of Feb AND the 27th of Feb until around the 10th of March. My exam date isn't released yet but will be in between those dates.

I'm toying with the idea of taking the entire month off to rejuvenate and focus on studies as that's when my study period wraps up, work load is heavy and it's just before the next one starts but we will see!

So my main February availability will be 1st - 5th and 11th-26th!!!

I also uploaded a YouTube video yesterday (yes another one) and it's titled "So...Jessie, why did you make porn?" I addressed some common questions that had been asked to me and talked about the experience and why I did it. Here's a link https://www.youtube....unwhhOSMhp74-HA

This will be the last I speak to some of you for the year and I will be unavailable tomorrow,

So I'll take this opportunity to say have a safe and happy New Year!!

Let's bring on 2017!!

Thanks for a great year guys!!

Jessie xxx

SWA 9656XE





Wednesday, 21 December 2016 12:58

CLUB 741 Sexy, alluring ladies available 24/7 at CLUB 741

Written by


Wishing all our lovely ladies and valued clients a Merry Christmas and Safe and Happy New Year.

The end of the year is exciting at 741, with heaps of ladies available, all waiting to make your stay a most memorable one. Just some of the ladies now available:


We're open 24/7 this holiday season, with the exception of Christmas (closed from 10:00AM - 6:00PM).

CLUB 741

741 Geelong Road Brooklyn VIC 3012

Ph. 03 9314 4242 / 03 9314 2251

Web. www.club741.com.au

E-Mail. [email protected]




Hello everyone!

I have some special news!


For the month of January only I will be offering 15% off my advertised rates.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of if we haven't yet met, or if you are a regular client wanting to catch up.

It's may also be the time for an extended booking together!

Having just finished my Christmas shopping for family and friends I know how expensive it can be and I want to be able to enjoy the company of beautiful clients and clients I'm yet to meet!!!

It's also my gift back as I feel so lucky and blessed to of had such a wonderful year and to have met so amazing people and had such amazing experiences!!

To take advantage of this special offer, make a pre-booking for January with a deposit made in December. Easy as that!

I am planning to be in Melbourne for the near future, although I'm never quite sure where my busy life will take me!

My next tour will be Brisbane, this will likely be in January or February!

I hope to see you soon,

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Lots of love from Jessie Lee Pierce xoxoxox

SWA 9656XE



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