Things To Know Before Advertising

Before you decide to advertise on Punter Planet, we would like to remind you that we offer many features to our members, which are absolutely free to use, such as photo galleries, blogs, a chat room, etc. It is even possible to promote yourself within the confines of your member profile (not to confuse with our advertisers' profiles), which has restricted access by registered members with a post count of ten or higher.

If you decide to buy an advertisement package (and we hope you do), please bear in mind that before doing so, you’ll need to open a free account and become a Punter Planet member if you are not one already; and you are encouraged to participate in our discussions.

As we are primarily a community of reviewers with a consumer-protection focus, we wish to keep advertising and information as separate as possible when it comes to our forums area. So, advertising on Punter Planet, does not give you too many extra privileges in our forums section. If you participate by posting, we don’t want your posts aimed at promoting yourself on the forums, nor advertising on your signature. In fact, contact details are not allowed on our signatures nor avatars, and service providers (whether they pay for advertising or not) cannot post in the reviews area (unless in cases deemed necessary by us, and there’s a procedure for that in place). No reviews will be edited or withdrawn at our advertisers’ request just because they provide a negative opinion about their services. We’ll only intervene in cases of defamation, severe inacuracies or invasion of privacy.

However, advertising on Punter Planet does come with a few yet very important privileges on our forums area, such as you being able to post announcements on our Portal page (which is the portal to the forums). These announcements can be about tours, specials, rosters, line-ups… anything that constitutes news about your service. A 3-hour cap between announcements exists, so competitors don’t bump down yours as soon as you finish posting it. You’ll be able to edit these announcements if needed, but nobody will be able to reply to them, so they are not hijacked for the wrong purposes either. (Instead comments will be possible in the version of the announcement posted in the Advertising Guide, where you'll have the capacity to moderate them too).

You’ll be also able to enter these events in our Calendar too, if so you wish (and we do recommend doing so, as this generates a reminder on our Forum Index). In addition, your banner will display randomly on our forum’s pages, and we’ll place a standard link in your signature to your Advertising Profile on our Guide. The Showcased package also displays randomly a bigger ad on the sideblock of our Forum Index.

Unless you prefer otherwise, reviews about our advertisers will be possible to be read by non-registered guests, so you can link directly to them from your website, etc.

Other sites may be more liberal with the use of their discussion boards and review threads, and not so clear about what is advertising and what is just opinion or information. But we prefer to protect the goose that lays the golden eggs and keeps punters coming back. Some may want to make a stew with the goose, but not us. We aim to protect Punter Planet’s reputation as a credible source for potential clients... and the more of them, the better for you.


Important disclaimer you should know before advertising with us.

Affiliation Status

On Punter Planet we welcome privates, agencies and parlours alike as advertisers. Our reviews prove that they are all equally popular for as long as good service is offered. However, we do ask them to reflect their affiliation correctly, and that’s as defined by us. This is a client-skewed site and credibility is paramount. When a client tries to decide between a private, an agency girl, or a parlour girl, they generally have a different set of expectations that make them decide for one or the other.

So, here are our definitions based on our members’ expectations, which will guide us to choose your categories correctly.

We’ll assign your ad to the Private Escorts category if you are 100% independent. You may have a receptionist or answering service, but fees may not be split with any agents or managers (a small fee paid to a referring or booking service is okay). You may not use anyone else to pretend it’s you when communicating via email or text message with clients. You must be owner of your own time, and you should not receive any call or message to indicate when the booking is over. In States where a license is required, you should use your own individual license to work and advertise.

We’ll assign your ad to the Agency Escorts category if you work with an Agency or have a Manager, and if you split your service fee with your Manager or Agent. You don’t need to be owner of your own time, nor do you need to communicate with clients prior to the booking. Your bookings are generally organised by your management. In States where a license is required, you should work under the Agency’s or Management’s license, also for advertising purposes.

We’ll assign your ad to the Parlour Girls category if you work inhouse at an establishment and your ad has been created to promote that. In States where a license is required, you may use the Establishment’s one to work and advertise.

We’ll assign your ad to the Masseuses category if you don’t offer a sex service, but mainly a service revolving around erotic massage. Your affiliation is irrelevant for now, but please state where you could be found, particularly if you work in a Massage Parlour. But you may also be a Private Masseuse. Please check the legality of advertising erotic massage services in your State before placing the ad.

We’ll assign your ad to the TS Escorts category if you are a pre-op Transgender or a post-one willing to make that known. In States where a license is required, you should use your own individual license to work and advertise.

At the end of the day, by advertising on Punter Planet, you’ll have all the advantages provided by the most advanced directories, plus an excellent flow and traffic of punters, who are always searching for service providers. Our ever-growing traffic is not inflated by tricks destined to make people come without any intention of booking you. With our punters is more about when than about if.

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