Advertising Checklist

As advertising on Punter Planet is largely a Do-It-Yourself process, you may want to be sure you have most or all things ready before you start. But should you have any doubts or problems, please email us.

Membership: You'll need to be a Punter Planet member before you are able to advertise; so if you are not one yet, please follow the registration steps before trying to advertise.

Log In: Even if you are a member already, you'll need to be logged in order to advertise. You may want to make sure you are logged in to both, Guide and Forums (same log in details for both).

Information: When advertising you'll have the chance of typing a blurb about you or your business, another one about your services, another about your availability (or rosters for parlour girls), and another about any planned touring dates. You may want to have all or any of this info, ready offline, so when the time comes, you could simply copy and paste where appropriate.

SWA Numbers: Victorian operators (or those touring Victoria) must have a valid SWA number (formerly known as PCA number) in order to advertise.

Vimeo or Youtube Video: If you wish to include an embedded Vimeo or Youtube video; obviously you'll need to upload it to Vimeo or Youtube first. Simply copy and paste the link you see on their respective "Share" panels, and chances are that it will work straight away. Please note that Vimeo is more liberal than Youtube when it comes to nudity. You can link up to five videos. Please note that while nudity is fine (except for Victoria's and Queensland's escorts), explicit content is not allowed on any profiles.

Photos: There are two areas in the advertising form where you should upload photos. One of them will greatly assist us to make your profile look classy and nice. :)

The first one is for just 4 individual photos that will display full-size as part of the layout of your ad. These photos are important because, not only are integral part of your profile, but the first one will be your standard thumbnail that will show across the site, and the second one will be for the bigger thumbnail if you have a Showcased package.

These first two photos and the fourth one must have a portrait layout (that is, their height bigger than their width). The third photo, however, must have a landscape layout (its width bigger than its height). Best results will be achieved with photos with a minimum size of 800 pixels (width or height, whatever it's bigger). The system will automatically resize them, and you'll be able to crop them if needed during the uploading process. You can use either JPEG or PNG formats; each photo cannot be bigger than 1 MB. Please also note that photos with colour margins are not to be used at least for these first 4 individual photos. Animated GIF photos are not allowed either.

The second place where to upload photos in the form is the Photo Gallery. There you can upload up to 24 photos. For layout reasons, we recommend any amount multiple of three (as the gallery has 3 columns). They can have a portrait or landscape orientation; each file cannot be bigger than 5 MB. File extensions can be JPEG (at present we are experiencing a problem with the PNG for this gallery, so please use only JPEG until further notice).

Victorian service providers (or those touring Victoria) are obliged by law to avoid displaying bare nipples, genitals or bare buttocks. Queensland service providers (or those touring Queensland) cannot show full frontal nudity.

All photos must be of the person being advertised, preferably as current and faithful as possible. In order for us to flag them as verified, you'll need to email us a candid digital photo of you holding a paper with the day's date on it. If you don't show your face on the gallery photos, you don't need to show it to us either, but we won't flag them as verified until we are pretty sure of it. Additional verification methods can be worked out case by case.

Advertisers buying a Showcased package, please make sure you include one landscape photo for the top front page Showcase. This could be one of the lot you used for your gallery, or another one that you simply can email us.

If you experience any problems uploading the photos, or need us to edit them, blur your face, etc. please contact us before uploading them. We'll be happy to help you.

Payment: Once you submit the entry form with all info and media, you'll get an email message with the bank account details. You can make an EFT or simply pay over the counter at a branch. Please use the instructions you are given together with the bank account details to use as the payment reference. (Please be aware this will be sent to the email address you used to create your Punter Planet membership, which could be different to the one you wish the public to see and use). For the time being, credit card payments are not possible. If you don't receive our email message after a few minutes, please check your spam folder or feel free to contact us.

Forum Banner: Please email it to us. It needs to be 468 x 60 pixels (width and height respectively). JPEG, GIF (animated or not) and PNG formats are welcome. We don't use Flash or SWL format as some mobile devices can't play them.

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